Someone stops Jonatan Flor!

Indigestion of 9a

07 June 2022
Jonatan Flor indigestion of hard routes in Spain.

Given the large number of climbers who usually climb 9a with agility, the "9th club" column was born, which collects all the "less important" climbs coming from all the world. For many climbers, given the progress in the world of modern climbing, climbing a 9a is no longer an unattainable dream, but more an achievable goal with a little hard work. One of the most prolific 9th grade climbers is definitely Jonatan Flor, a Spanish talent son of the 90s, who chops these pitches as if they were peanuts.

But someone should calm him down, or at least remind him that he can't climb them all. In recent times, his tick list is impressive, out of the human being. We report it below:

Floriman 9a

Borrachos del Máscun 9a

Siempre borrachos 9a

Maxi boom 8c+/9a

CHC 8c+

Petit mamie 8c+

El hijo libre 8c

There are many complicit factors in this mind-boggling list, such as the time dedicated to trying the pitches, or the sections in common, the links, the extensions... What remains, however, is that even a top climber would take a whole year, Flor has climbed them all in the last period, between one trip and another...

From Jonatan Flor

Alessandro Palma



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