Ramonet: 39 years old and still on 9a

Només per valents in Fussimanya

28 April 2021
Ramon Julian Puigblanque has established a new 9a in Fussimanya.

The Spanish champ is still hungry. After having climbed a lot of hard routes, after more than twenty gold medals in the lead world cup, after two world championship titles, after having seen Megos upgrading an old 9a to 9b... Ramonet is still hungry . His latest post is clear: a new short line for strong fingers. The grade proposed is 9a, but will it be a Mejorando Imagen 2.0, the route that Megos upgraded? Who knows… And who cares! Ramon is enjoying his almost 40 to with more than fifty routes from 9a to 9a+, with a lot of first ascent. Here the list of the latest ones:

Només per valents 9a FA

In extremis de dits 8c FA

In extremis de Fullaraca 8c FA

PitStop 8b+

We know that a lot of his first ascents have been upgraded so… This scorecard is really impressive!

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