Ramonet e Ondra: bottino di 9a

Ancora tiri estremi

24 September 2021
Ramon Julian Puigblanque and Adam Ondra on their 9a projects.

Their 9a climbs are not sensational anymore, but anyway the two rockstars are really on fire! Let’s start from the old lion, Ramon Julian Puigblanque, who has climbed a new classical in Margalef: Wild West, 9a+.

Talking about the most influent climber of the century, Adam Ondra makes a great tris of 9s for breakfast. After some days in Frankenjura, the Czech climber chas sent Nice freshly baked e House of Cards, both them 9a. Moreover, he has onsighted also Whore’s Town, suggesting the 8b grade and he made a "retro-onsight" of Dr. Kimble auf der Flucht (8b) and of Odins Tafel (8a+); moreover again, the tick list has also Alexander der Grosse 8c/c+ in two goes, Friends Like You 8b/b+ in 3 and Ragnarök 8a on sight . Back home, he has freed a lot of hard boulders and also some routes, including an old 8c+ project and another one that could be 9a, in Bý─Źí skála area. Nowadays, he has climbed around two hundred routes 9a or harder.

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