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The video of his most important realizations

21 March 2015 The young Fabi Buhl is a versatile athlete who turned boulderer, then trad climber and now multi pitch master. After leaving alpine ski in 2006, he started to climb with an esclation of important accomplishments that have led Stefan Schlumpf and Diego Defilla to made this video. In the video we see the achievements that have marked the most important stages in the career of the German climber in exponential growth especially in the last year. In the first sequence of video filming of Ragtime, 8b+, in the cave of Amden, St. Gallen in Switzerland. Fred Nicole’s boulder is the connection between Cavernicole, 8a+ and Claire Obscure, always 8a+. The project required for Fred Nicole almost a year of work and runs for about 15 yards, including 12 on the horizontal ceiling of a cave. Very technical boulder for the movements of the feet, Fabi is the first to repeat it. Last year, after the second fracture in 6 months of the ankle, Fabi decides to face his first trad Prinzip Hoffnung, 8b+, also repeated by the italian Jacopo Larcher. After 3 years since he wore the harness, Fabi has made his first 8b+ trad route opened by Beat Kammerlander. Also in 2014, after our interview in which he announced to want to devote to multipitch, Fabi has kept his promise with the first ripetition of Nirwana (8c + max) by Alex Huber on the southern Sonnwand, to Loferer Alm, Austria. During the shooting video of Stefan Schlumpf and Diego Defilla, Fabi had to record the sequence of attempts but unexpectedly he had climbed all the shots.
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