Schubert: 9b and 9b+ in a day!

King Capella and La Capella

11 December 2021
Jakob Schubert has climbed King Capella and La Capella, 9b + and 9b!

After the bronze at the Tokyo Olympics, Jakob Schubert took the time to climb as much as possible on rock and the results are certainly not lacking. Going to Spain for some beautiful vertical holidays, the Austrian talent allowed himself two extreme routes just a few hours apart.

After interrupting the projecting process due to a cut on his fingers, the champion grabbed the third ascent of King Capella, the short and boulder pitch freed by Will Bosi. Given the few (just 5) attempts, Schubert recommends a (so strange) downgrade to "9b hard".

Not happy, immediately after having reinvigorated, he started on another great classic deliberated by mr Adam Ondra: La Capella. The pitch in question deserves the grade of 9b and, since it again collapsed in few attempts, Jakob proposes (so strange vol 2) the downgrade to 9a+.

The plans now are to enjoy the last few days, encourage his friend Alfons Dornauer on his project and then go to Switzerland for some bouldering.

From Jakob Schubert’s IG page



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