Schubert in Spain: 9b and 8c+ flash

Some great ascents in Spain

16 December 2021
More extreme routes for Jakob Schubert in Spain.

In the uncut video posted on his social channels, Jakob Schubert shows us some of his latest exploits, which as always are of an absolute level and, for most of us, bordering on the unthinkable.

After having climbed a 9b + and a 9b (defined by Megos as “very hard”) in a single day, Schubert certainly did not give himself up to the party, remaining focused on his projects. He also succeeded in a quick repeat of Furia de Jabali, 9b, and in the flash ascent of a great classic that needs no introduction: Jungle speed.

Furia de Jabali is a Siurana pitch freed by Will Bosi and graded 9b. In full Bosi style, the route is boulder and features extreme movements on tiny holds. Jungle speed instead is a former 8c+ then became 9a and now back 8c +. According to Schubert, according to what is written on theCrag, 8c + / 9a hard and difficult to grade, especially after a flash ascent. What is certain is that it is an absolute level performance, also considering the only 15 meters that make up this route!

From Jakob Schubert’s IG page



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