Sean Bailey on Bibliographie!

Third ascent of this 9b+

30 September 2021
Sean Bailey has climbed Bibliographie, 9b+.

Another climber joins the 9b+ club, wuth a lot of style! The American climber Sean Bailey has put up a great project: Bibliographie. The masterpiece in Ceuse by Alex Megos, that cost him more than 60 days of work, is on every climbers’ mouth. Born as the world's second 9c, it has been re-valued by Stefano Ghisolfi, who has climbed it in a record time. 

After supporting his girlfriend Miho Nonaka on her first 8c+, Sean has finally found his way to the top.

I sent Bibliographie! Easily the hardest battle I’ve waged with myself. I’ve never been so obsessed. I woke up thinking about the route. I fell asleep thinking about the route. It was nonstop. I was lucky to get through the middle crux pretty quick but proceeded to pump off the final boulder 12 or something times. Every time I was so blown I needed a rest day, so essentially I was getting one try every two days. It felt like I was resting more than climbing. I spent a lot of time questioning why I was putting myself through it. I knew I could train for it, come back another year with the right fitness and a fresher mind and probably have an easier time at it. In the end I realized I needed to see this process through just as much as I needed to send, I’m glad I did! It taught me so much about the process. I spend a lot of time trying to make things happen, but sometimes you have to let things happen too.

From Sean Bailey's IG page



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