Seb Bouin on fire!

A lot of hard FAs for the French climber

02 September 2020
Seb Bouin is a real good period, he is climbing a lot of hard routes. 

First of all, he has taken a break from the Ramirole project and he went in Entraygues. Here, he has climbed the classical line La moustache qui fache, 9a+. He has fallen two times on the last part, 7b as he says. After sending it, he has considered that it could be downgraded to 9a, compared to Biographie, which is harder. 

Then, he has joined the EB team in Vercors. Here, he has climbed two old projects in two days. The first one is a Benoit Martineau's line. The name is Challenge cote d'or and it has taken just two attempts to Seb for the FA. 8c/8c+ is the proposed grade. 

The day after, he has re-discovered an hold line, spending a lot of time cleaning it. After a great battle to figure out the betas, he has spent three attempts for climbing this 30 meters long line: Le gout du sang, 9a.

Literally on fire! 

From Seb Bouin's IG page


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