Second 9a for Smolensky

Hades in Nassereith

18 August 2021
Illya Bakhmet- Smolensky has climbed Hades, 9a.

"What an unexpectedly fast send of an amazing classic" with these few words, the 16 years old climber Illya has communicated on his IG the ascent of his second 9a. Second because the one that could be the first has been graded 8c+/9a by Illya, who has anyway reached the 9a a few times after with Turkish haircut, freed by Megos.

Hades is a 9a route in Nassereith and Illya says that it is a great endurance test piece. He could climb it at his fifth go, but a foot slipped and… Anyway he also says that Turkish Haircut is really harder! 

The next steps are a trip to Frankenjura, a trip t Turkey and a lot of competitions in between.

From Illya Bakhmet- Smolensky IG page



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