Siegrist reaches 20 9a+

He climbs Seleccion Anal

25 March 2022
Jonathan Siegrist has climbed Seleccion Anal, 9a +.

The haul of hard routes greetings from good Jonathan Siegrist is getting really rich! With his last ascent on Iberian soil, the American moves into the top five of climbers with more 9a+ to his credit.

Climbing in Santa Linya, Siegrist could not help but get his hands on some great classic of high difficulty. As in his Italian trip last year, the good American does not spare himself in this Spanish. Lately he has focused his attention on Seleccion Anal, a route that requires a lot of endurance and reaches the grade of 9a+. To climb it, says Siegrist himself, he adopted a rather "traditional" climb, avoiding kneebars. Regarding grade, Jonathan considers this pitch a pretty solid 9a+.

With twenty 9a+ to his credit, the American climber ranks among the five most prolific climbers on the grade, obviously together with Ondra, Megos, Ghisolfi and Bouin.

From Jonathan Siegrist’s IG page

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