Toby Roberts a 9a teenager

Rainshadow for him

13 December 2020
Together with Ibbertson, 16 years old, Toby Roberts is the last one who climbs Rainshadow. 

Rainshadow is a masterpiece by Steve McClure in Malham Cove, 35 meters long which asks some power and a lot of endurance. Established 17 years ago (2003), a lot of strong climber have climbed it and everybody says that it is amazing! Ondra, after his ascent, said "Honestly, one of my best climb!" 

Together with Josh, Toby could be the last climber on the route of 2020. For climbing it, he spent over 20 sessions, with a lot of travel.  

"I broke my ankle in January and had worked really hard on my rehab and conditioning to be ready for the comp season. As a climber, I think the most important thing to do is to climb. Climbing is about a lot more than being strong which can only take you so far. Footwork, hip flexibility, efficiency, reading sequences (particularly for comp climbing), improvising on the wall, making good decisions – everything improves with experience and repeatedly going through the process. For me, climbing has always been the most important part of training. "

In his career, Toby is already an European champion in boulder and vice champion in lead. The dream goal is to climb Rainman, 9b al Malham Cove and, obviously, to take part at the Olympics. Good luck Toby! 

From Toby Roberts' IG page


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