Traversi repeats Flex Luthor, 9b!

He confirms the upgrade

18 November 2021
Carlo Traversi repeats Flex Luthor 9b.

It seems that we have to re-write the climbing history: Flex Luthor could be the first 9b ever, title in a match with Chilam Balam. After the first repetition by Matty Hong, also another strong american climber has sent the extreme line in The Fortress: Carlo Traversi.

"Dream route. No real opinion on grade, so going with Matty's suggestion for now. Definitely not easy!" After almost 15 sessions on the route, Carlo Traversi has finally sent this extreme route, and he is accorde with Matty about the grade. Moreover, he says: "I’ve always been drawn to climbs that have both historical significance and an air of mystery surrounding them. In today’s day and age, that combination is getting harder to come by, with every piece of stone captured a million ways and cast out into the daily feed without a moments thought. While this sharing of information satisfies our immediate arm chair curiosity, it has the potential to rob us of a real experience complete with the trials and tribulations of understanding something for yourself. In American climbing, there is no route more shrouded in mystery than Tommy Caldwell ‘s Flex Luther at The Fortress of Solitude.."

At the moment, the next attentions are focused on a free ascent of Dihedral Wall, with some bouldering always in Yosemite.

From Carlo Traversi’s IG page




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