[VIDEO] The grade: all about point of view

9a+ for Ghisolfi and Hau

28 August 2020
Two videos have just been released from Hau and Ghisolfi. 

Stefano, who is still in Flatanger, has clipped the first chain of Change, 9a+/b. If you are asking it, the answer is yes: Change is the 9b+ by Adam Ondra. 9b+ or 9a+/9b? Both. The P1 is 9a+/b. Then, if you want to climb the Adam's creation, you have to climb another 9a and it becomes 9b+. Definitely hard. 

Hau has climbed Sacrifice in June and his story is a little bit different than Stefano. It is his first 9a+ and he is the first Canadian climber to climb a 9a+. Anyway, Sacrifice has the FA signed by Ondra, so the grade are really pretty similar. 

For Hau, a cool video has been released on Mellow channel, while for Stefano, a video on IG TV has been enough. A lifetime story vr just a part of a process: this is why we love climbing!


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