[VIDEO] First 8c (+) for Max Bertone, 12 years old

In La Reunion, following his sister Oriane

28 October 2019
Max Bertone, 12, has solved Chykungunya in Ouaki, La Réunion, thus reaching the 8c.

A Bertone was not enough, now another one is coming too! In the best tradition of "good blood does not lie", in La Reunion, Max Bertone, younger brother of the already famous Oriane, has climbed Chykungunya, pitch given 8c+ but which for him, who is however at the first experience on this difficulty, is to be considered 8c.

"I agree with Oriane. It is more difficult than Pari and certainly the hardest I have ever done, but perhaps also benefited from having small hands. "

In fact, her sister Oriane, who as we have seen in the meantime successfully participated in several international competitions, had solved it last year by downsizing the initial gradation. We will also begin to follow this Bertone with interest, certain that if these are the premises, other large numbers will soon arrive.

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