Zorko e il primo 9a del 2022

Sale il classico Halupca

07 January 2022
Matjaz Zorko has climbed Halupca 1979, 9a.

2022 starts with a bang for Matjaz Zorko! After projecting the route for almost a year, starting from April 2021, Zorko managed to repeat Halupca 1979, a very famous 9a in Osp. Being able to climb the route was a success both against itself and against the weather, which often "punishes" local climbers with bad conditions.

In his post he said he started trying it back in April 2021, and then gave intermittent attempts. Strangely, the cave where Halupca is located dried up in mid-December and Matjaz certainly didn't let the opportunity pass. With acceptable conditions, even if still a bit humid, the climber conquered the chain, entering the 9a club by right.

Halupca is a particularly famous pitch in Osp/Misja Pec, with a truly physical and endurance style, bolted in 2007 by Klemen Becan and freed the following year by Matej Sova. Among the famous repeats, such as that of Skofic or Ondra, there is also the ascent of Mina Markovic, who in July 2020 climbed the pitch.

From Matjaz Zorko’s IG page



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