Ferrino: Triolet

Test of Triolet backpack 32 + 5 liters by Ferrino

27 November 2018
In the already extensive Ferrino catalog, a new model has been added: Triolet. Backpack that tries to answer all the features that characterize a modern mountaineering backpack and, we add, not only.

There is a moment that unites the outdoor activities of the mountain: the moment when you are wearing the backpack and you are ready to go with what is needed loaded on the shoulders. The backpack is a special adventure companion, carries materials and supports the creation of desires, it can be heavy but it is always necessary for the fundamental role it plays.

The dimensions contained in width and depth, respectively 30 and 22 centimeters, make the footprint on the back of the Triolet suitable for use even during climbing. Furthermore, to facilitate use with the harness, the possibility of easily removing the ventral part of the belt is offered. A popular choice concerns the possibility of accessing the main body through a convenient front opening that has a double-slider vertical sliding hinge.

I used the backpack at full load, also taking advantage of the possibility of increasing the height to gain another 5 liters of volume, in the course of routes to approach the wall, during climbing and on long-distance hiking trails, and I got sensations positive that open up its versatility. The availability of an ergonomic back structured in reticular fabric, which the specific company provided with "ACT" double-shaped shaped padding, offered me sufficient breathability. The back is supported by a polyethylene panel with a removable rigid inner part, and contributes to achieving stability in the transport of the housed materials.

In addition to the lumbar belt and the back panel another removable part is that of the hood, which can be removed by means of two clips of very fast use (action a little 'less comfortable with gloves). On its inner part of the hood are some useful indications for rescue in Italian and English, while for the same purposes of signaling and rescue the chest strap is equipped with a whistle.

Still in the hood are included in the dedicated mesh pocket two light tapes to be used for attaching tools (such as snowshoes or snowboard) on the front of the backpack.

The backpack is also equipped with a system of straps and buckles, easily accessible, placed both on the sides and in the front, for the transport of ice axes, rope and skis. In addition to these there are buttonholes for materials, side and front compression bands, and an internal housing for the blade and the probe.

I also point out the presence of various internal pockets, external and on the waistband, and an opening for the passage of the straw compatible with the H2 Bag hydration system designed by Ferrino, equipped with a suction valve with protection in anti-freeze neoprene and treatment antibacterial (accessory to be purchased separately). The Triolet also presents a series of technical measures that have favored its adoption by the ENSA (National School of Skiing and Mountaineering in Chamonix Mont-Blanc).

In short, the reliability of the Ferrino Triolet model can be affirmed with complete satisfaction, not only for mountaineering, but also for hiking and freeskiing.

The versatility is made possible by the different technical solutions adopted, and combined with materials that promote adequate weight distribution and breathability.

The two colors proposed, the bright orange and the elegant black, complete the appreciation of the model from an aesthetic point of view.

Technical details

  • Maximum weight: 1.45 kg (minimum 0.80 kg without hood, back stiffening panel and waist belt)
  • Fabric: Diamond dobby 300D
  • Capacity: 32 + 5 l (model 48 + 5 l also available)
  • Dimensions: 70x30x22 cm

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