SMITH: Ruckus & Reverb

Two new models for the 2020 summer season

16 June 2020

Originally from Sun Valley, Idaho, SMITH was founded in 1965 with the invention of the first ski mask with heat-sealed lenses and breathable foam.

The American company offers two models for the 2020 summer season: RUCKUS and REVERB.
SMITH thus presents the two models.


The new PivLock Ruckus are performing sunglasses with redesigned PivLock lens replacement technology and thin megoliths to prevent slipping on long journeys and on the most demanding routes. The raised design extends the peripheral field of vision in the driving position, while the ventilation on the upper bar and the nose pads adjustable in two positions guarantee the appropriate fit to minimize fogging and optimize comfort. In addition, they are equipped with 2 interchangeable ChromaPop lenses for intense sunlight and reduced brightness conditions.


Taking up the PivLock Ruckus, we built the Reverb with unisex fit and size. In addition to being equipped with the redesigned PivLock lens replacement technology, these medium coverage glasses weigh only 27 grams and are the lightest model in our Velocity sunglasses collection. The Reverbs are supplied with 2 interchangeable ChromaPop lenses, megol nose pads adjustable in two positions and thin megol rods.

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