Baselayer Innergy Performance

The new functional baselayer dynafit

06 December 2016
DYNAFIT suggests for endurance snow activities the INNERGY PERFORMANCE baselayer.

Functional, super light and able to termoregulate the body based on the level of activity. These features are possibls thanks to the DYNAFIT body mapping technology, synonim of material's adjustment to the different body areas and to the series of movements. The shirt's sleeves and the trousers' section that wraps the thighs and the gluteus are in Nilit Innergy material: a 6.6 nylon spun that, in polymerization phase, is enriched by permanent natural minerals able to convert the thermical energy in the human body in infrared rays, also reflected to the skin, that warms up. This property allows to improve by 7% the oxygen production, moving forward the anaerobic doorstep, reducing the acid lactic production and improving the sport performances. The natural mineral effect is not temporary  and it doesn't go away with the washing machine, since it's part of the spun's dna. To the Nilit® Innergy, the fabric Dryarn has been integrated, with really good skills in humidity's transport, not smelly and it dries up fast.

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