CASSIN X-Dream and CAMP Speed 2.0

The new ice-axe and the new helmet for ice climbing

06 December 2016
C.A.M.P launches the new ice-axe CASSIN X-Dream and the new helmet CAMP Speed 2.0.

For years C.A.M.P has been offering continue innovations and high quality products for the ice climbing world. With X-Dream it's like having two ice-axes in one, with ideal features for the ice, the mixed-one and dry-tooling thanks to three interchangeable blades and the variable inclination handle. A simple hex key allows to change quickly the inclination of the handle and of the blade, taking the X-Dream from the ice configuration to the dry one and opposite way. The Ice configuration assures a more natural hit while the Dry one guarantees a bigger traction towards the bottom, allowing more complex hookings.

The CAMP Speed 2.0 helmet is designed in the smallest details specifically for ski mountaineering competitions and high level climbing. Renewed in the graphic and in the costruction of the spherical cap, which makes it even more durable, it's one of the lighest helmets on the market. Besides its lightness, it boasts an exceptional comfort thanks to 22 aerodynamic ventilation gaps.

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