First winter ascents on Presolana

Paco and Bosio

20 March 2012   Daniele Natali and Tito Arosio have managed on 2/3 March, the 1st winter ascent of Paco, on the North wall of western Presolana (Orobian Alps-Bergamo), a route opened twenty years ago, on September 1992, by Simone Moro and Anna Ubizzoni  (330m – 10L – 7b max – 6c+ obl – SR4).   Daniele climbed free the hardest pitches. On the crux (7b) there are only 3 bolts and 2 tunnels on 35 meters.   The day after, March 4th, Maurizio Panseri and Fulvio Zanetti managed the 1st winter ascent of Bosio route, (350m – 12L – 7a+ max – 6a+ obl – R3). in 14 hours from and to Colere. The Bosio was opened 50 years ago, on July 1962, by Carlo Nembrini and Placido Piantoni.   First winter ascent of Direttissima - Presolana N wall More infos see and photogallery on -
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