Call of the frozen wild

a film by Matthias Scherer and Tanja Schmitt

03 January 2013  Canadian Ice - Call of the Frozen Wild a film by Matthias Scherer and Tanja Schmitt In the time between the 3th november and 10th december the ice climbing addicted Tanja Schmitt and Matthias were heeding towards the Canadian Rockies in search for frozen ice lines. They climbed 13 lines, all of them committing, due to the early season conditions. In 2008 they had already been in Canada, climbing such great lines like “ Replicant”, “French Reality”, “Killer Pillar” and “Crash”. This winter they would instead often visit the Icefields Parkway, where they had an unusual early ascent on very thin and brittle ice of “Virtual Reality”(IV,WI 6,R,X) on November 16th. The short-film “Canadian Ice” shows impressions of that trip consisting of three extreme lines: “Whiteman Falls” (IV,WI 6)in the Kananaski area, “Shooting Star” (V,WI6) at the Icefields Parkway and “Rainbow Serpent” (IV,WI6) in the Ghost. Next to the climbing action it is foremost the stunning scenery composed of dark limestone rock walls, endless canadian forests and white, long ice lines shimmering through it, which makes this film worth seeing. But the adventure is not only about the climbing, it consists also of long approaches on barely frozen river beds, sleepless grizzly bears and the knowledge to be on your own in case of any problem. Those to name only some of the extra terms when venturing on the canadian ice.The incoming snow and the resulting tricky avalanche condition led them also to the well known “Playground” dry tool area in Canmore, where they both would tick off the test piece “Swiss Cheese”(M10+). The film is created from the perspective of the two climbers themselves and therefore takes you right away into the adventure. Enjoy!
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