Lachat e Dugit free Balade au clair de Lune

Monte Bianco, Aiguille du Fou, 8b max

18 June 2015 It is a route opened in 1983 by Jean Marc Boivin, Eric Bellin and Martial Maioli in the heart of the Mont Blanc, on the south of the Aiguille du Fou.   Cedric Lachat and Fabien Dugit, which have already been behind various ascents in Yosemite together, accompanied by the photographer Thomas Vialletet released Balade au clair de Lune (originally graded ED sup, A3) giving off the season of accomplishments on White.   The project, set off from Fabien, had grown long. The feasibility in these cases is far from obvious and, in fact, as pointed out by the same Cedric, at 3000 meters above sea level the difficulties, though not exaggerated, are felt much. The idea was of course also to liberate routes without the addition of platelets. The length of A3 has in fact been evaluated around 8b while two lengths of A2 are on 7b+.   The two climbers have moved since April, when they started to carry some of the material. In May they completed this task and have begun to try and work rolls on the way on June 3 to the first integral on. Parties from the shelter around four in the morning, arrived at the top at 20.30, rising all the throws in free.   photo   source
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