Denali's Slovak Direct for David Bacci and Luca Moroni

The two mountaineers sign the first italian repetition

25 June 2017
David Bacci and Luca Moroni have done the first italian repetition of the Slovak Direct at Denali, Alaska.

Fresh news from Alaska, where David Bacci and Luca Moroni are on their way to the Base Camp, after had succeded to climb the Mt. Mckinley (6194m, USA) by the Slovak Direct, opened in the 1984 by Blažej Adam, Tono Križo and František Korl.

The route is 2700m long, on the sud ridge, on the left of the Cassin Route, opened by the Ragni di Lecco (1961). The Slovak Direct, in 2000 was climbed in 60th ours by Steve House, Mark Twight and Scott Backes.

Mark Twight wrote aboute this experience in the last chapter of "Kiss Or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber" describing the Slovak Slovak as "one of the most powerfull experience of our hole lifes".

Therefore, good job for David and Luca, from who we'll wait more info about the climb!

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