Fitz Roy for Parimbelli and Vitali

Quick ascent on Supercanaleta

01 January 2009   Ph. Mario Sertori   Maria Rosa Morotti, Gianbattista Galbiati, Vito Amigoni, Yuri Parimbelli and Piera Vitali  left from Italy the 1st of November with the aim to repeat Casarotto’s route on Fitz Roy, an imposing line full of cracks on the huge west pillar of the mountain. But, as often happens on that side of the world, it is necessary to have a lot of patience and – when patience is not enough –  better to change targets and find an another solution. So the Italians shifted their interest on  the Franco-Argentine route to the same summit. Again, nothing to do in reason of storm and iced cracks. When they were prepared to the home return, they met Rolando Garibotti who forecasted two or three good wheater’s days.. Rolo must have a preferential channel with the most influent weather’s deities of that land! Yuri Parimbelli and Piera Vitali succedeed in changing their flight ticket and hit the mark climbing the Supercanaleta on Fitz Roy (1600m 6b 90°), a magnificent and desired route, opened in 1965 by the Argentinians José Luis Fonrouge and Carlos Comesaña.
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