Frozen Love - an ice climbing journey

by Matthias Scherrer and Tanja Schmitt

15 October 2012 Since 12 years Tanja Schmitt and Matthias Scherer share their passion for climbing on frozen waterfalls. They build an inseparable team and have mastered over 400 ice falls successfully together. The film "Frozen Love" shows the highlights of their ice-climbing season 2011/2012. It features intense moments full of joy and rare beauty but also harsh realities. The ice-voyage starts on thin and brittle ice in Cogne (Italy) at the beginning of the season, takes you to mighty columns in the Freissinieres Valley (France)and further to extreme and seldom formed lines like "Rapelle toi que tu est un homme" in the Couleau Valley (France). It ends in Norway with impressive lines such as " Lipton" (WI7) and "Hydnesfossen". All film sequences have been shot in the action of climbing. In this way the film approaches the spirit of ice climbing in a very direct way. It takes you in the heart of a frozen, fragile world, capturing the coldness and the fear but also the joy and the passion of the team. Get gripped from an ice season 11/12 and inspired for the coming one 12/13. Enjoy!
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