Gigantic icefalls in Norway for Robert Jasper, Markus Stofer and Robert Schäli

Climbed by different teams the two longest icefalls of the world

07 March 2009   During two different trips to Norway,  the very active german climber Robert Jasper  climbed with Markus Stofer first  and with Roger Schäli then,  two huge and very difficult  ice routes and a shorter but even more difficult route. In Gudvangen, area of Aurland, on february 3, Stofer and Jasper climbed  Into the wild WI6 X E5 900 close to  1,300 meters lenght, maybe - according to Jasper - the longest waterfall-ice climbed in the world.  On february 6th, Stofer and Jasper climbed  Landeplage WI7 E4 240 meters, crux on a big and attractive free-standing Then, during the second trip, on february 19th, Jasper e Roger Schäli  climbed on a very long day Fosslimonster WI6+ M8+ E5 lenght1000 meters : on this waterfall Jasper and Stofer have done, a week before,  two attempts, climbing 2\3 of the waterfall. 
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