Ice - Ravine of Vinadia - Friuli, Italy

New Ice lines by Marco Milanese

27 February 2012   We reported the first ascent of Zanna Bianca, January 30, 2012, by brothers Gianni and Albino Dorigo in the picturesque Vinadia gorge, in Friuli, northeast of Italy,  and the first repeat of Marco Milanese and Alex Franco . In the following days , the aspirant Alpine Guide Marco Milanese was back on the spot several times with different partners, and has added other interesting possibilities of mixed and ice climbing:      1) Alice in Wonderland WI4 50m with Andrea Fusari, Alex Franco February 1, 2012 2) Trip terapia WI7 XRM-20m with Alex Franco and Massimo Candolini February 4, 2012 3) Cindarella M8 + / M9 25m Spit - Marco Milanese February 5, 2012.   In the same gorge, February 2010, Federico Addari and Jasna Dionisio managed the first ascent of Zia Mia   Getting there: From Udine take the A23 motorway, exit Carnia and continue towards Tolmezzo, then take the SS52 towards Villa Santina and the center of town, turn right towards Lauco, through the town and reach the village of Vinaio. Upon entering the town on the right you will notice a cabine of ENEL (Electricity Company) with signs of the Forra. Access: From the cabin ENEL go down the slope to the right quickly reaching the river, from here, still going down, advancing into the gorge for 5 minutes following tables displays with a "forra"   Sorce and photo: Marco Milanese 
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