Illuminati M11 WI6+ VIDEO

By Greg Boswell

23 February 2012 Greg Boswell has repeated Illuminati, Albert Leichtfried's route in Vallunga, Dolomites. Illuminati was repeated in 2012 by Ines Papert and Lisi Steurer on Jan 27;  in 2008 by Florian Riegler and by the party of the Slovenian Klemen Premrl and the Italian Erik Svab. In 2010, Spanish Luis Penin failed to complete the section of ice in reason of the poor condition of the same. site Greg Boswell VIDEO   Illuminati A.Leichtfried and D.Tavener 2006 Difficulty: IV / 6 + / M11 + Length: 165m Exposure: SE Altitude: 2000m Approach: 1 hour   Report of the openers 1. pitch.: M 11 -. 30m, 12m overhang. Endurance, crux step towards the end of the pitch 2. pitch: M 11 +. 25m, 10m overhang. Severe, difficult  mixed climbing 3. roll: pitchM 8 -. 30m, 3m overhanging. Over the curtain of ice 4. pitch: WI 4. 30m, vertical in part. Perfect ice, easy progression 5. pitch: WI 6 +. 50m, vertical. Pillar with ice of poor quality     Access: The icefall is clearly visible from the path at the top of the valley following the valley of Yosemite Ice Fall. Reach the hump that hides the first part of the icefall Descent: 3 equipped rappels on the right edge (see photo) Report by Albert Leichtfried in Alpine Ice
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