IMS 2011

Report from a very successful week-end

24 October 2011 The first week-end at the International Mountain Summit Brixen was incredibly successful, attended by more than 1,400 visitors. Five hundred people were enchanted by Chris Sharma’s talk on “Living the Dream”, where the Californian “sunnyboy” showed videos and images of his chief climbs, such as Biographie (9a+, Cëuse),  Es Pontas (9b, Mallorca), Jumbo Love (9b, Clark Mountain, USA), and Neanderthal (9b, Santa Lynia, Spain), as well as explaining his life style, which took him around the world, armed with only his rucksack and his will to climb beautiful lines, until he decided to find a more stable home and established himself in Catalunya, together with his climbing partner Daila Ojeda. With “Expeditions”, Stefan Glowacz talked about his new book, “Expeditionen”, which shows expeditions in Venezuela, Tibet, Canada and Kenya. Strong emotions surrounded Stefan’s commentary, as his dear friend Kurt Albert, who passed away last year, took part in two of these expeditions, so those images meant strong memories for him.   The second Slackline World Championship took part in the main square in Brixen, where more than a thousand people attended a very exciting show. The American 22-year old Michael Payton won the title, while Andy Lewis, last year’s winner, won the World Cup.   The discussion “Mountains as a show stage” tried to define the role of the media in reporting news from the mountaineering world. What is the relationship between mountaineers and journalists? Are the latter only looking for some revelatory news? Is journalism a marketing tool?   This debate will carry on next Friday, when the discussion “Show Alpinism” will give further opportunities to deepen this interesting topic.  Adam Ondra, Reinhold Messner and Stefan Glowacz will be among the guest speakers.   Roger Schäli’s and Simon Gietl’s presentation “Joy and Sorrow in the Mountains” is tonight’s hot event, where the two mountaineers will illustrate a recent tragedy, which happened during their Himalaya expedition last Spring, in addition to illustrating other successful expeditions in Greenland and Patagonia.   Adam Ondra, Marko Prezelj, Dean Potter, Beat Kammerlander and the brother Alexander and Thomas Huber are among the key speakers coming up this week at IMS.   LP
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