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David Lama in this week-end's hot debate

27 October 2011 The International Mountain Summit in Brixen continues to offer intense emotions. The presentation of Simon Gietl and Roger Schäli, “Joy and Sorrow in the Mountains”, enraptured the public in view of the compelling stories told, the superb images shown and the especially moving tragedy in the Himalaya last Spring, where their friend, the cameraman Daniel Ahnen, fell into a crevasse and hasn’t been found since. This type of presentation, where two mountaineers talk about their achievements almost simultaneously, has been newly introduced at the IMS, and has been very successful.   Among the key events taking place at IMS, the “Walks” take a leading role. These are, as the name suggests, walks in the pretty Dolomites area, together with  mountaineers and climbers. The relaxed atmosphere makes way  for friendly discussions, jokes and moments of fun.   Praise to the IMS for this clever intuition. Roger Schäli and Simon Gietl took part in Monday’s walk, while Marko Pretzelj and Thomas Huber led the walk on Wednesday.   The latter have been the protagonists of rather controversial presentations. Marko Pretzelj strongly defends “alpine style” expeditions, such as the ones he led in Alaska, Patagonia and the Himalayas, together with strong characters like Steve House, and showing an opposition against awards such as the Piolet D’Or. “How can somebody judge you on your own performances? How can they choose amongst the many expeditions that take place every year?” Marko is also a professional photographer, a skill shown in the excellent images which enchanted the public.   With “In a time vacuum”, Thomas Huber proved to be a good actor, as well as a strong mountaineer. He wanted to show the relevance of time, its passing being of diverse importance for each one of us, granting us  the appreciation of moments spent in places close to our hearts, such as the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are for Thomas. After a bad accident to his shoulder, he managed to accomplish an enchainment of all three peaks within one day. Thomas also showed excerpts from his expeditions in Antarctica and the Karakorum, together with his brother Alexander.   Beat Kammerlander will bring further emotions with his presentation “A Vertical Life” tonight.  “Show Alpinism” is this week-end’s main event, where the mountaineers Adam Ondra, Stefan Glowacz, Reinhold Messner and David Lama will discuss to what extent mountaineering is a show in itself.    Friday’s presentations with Dean Potter, and those of Adam Ondra and Alexander Huber will bring the Summit to an end.     LP  
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