International Mountain Summit 2011

The third edition has started

22 October 2011 The third edition of the International Mountain Summit, which will be attended by mountaineers, climbers, journalists and spectators from all over the world, opened yesterday with two interesting round-table discussions: “Climbing and Health” and “Tragedies in the mountains”. The first discussion was organized by the German and Südtirol Alpine Clubs, and tackled topics which aroused the interest of professional as well as amateur climbers, with a particular attention to children.  Climbing as a therapy and climbing for disabled people were among the other compelling subjects discussed. The evening debated focused on the inevitable relationship between mountaineering and tragedies. How can these be avoided? Should one not allow a mountaineer to follow his passion, if danger looms? Alpine rescue members risk their lives – in the case of the UK Mountain Rescue, on a voluntary basis – to save other people’s, often those of inexperienced and unprepared ones. Is that fair?    Questions like this and other ones were taken into consideration, with contributions from the public.   The summit carries on today with another discussion: “Mountaineering as a show”, the final of the second Slacklining World Championship  as well as the presentations of Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz this evening.
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