The 40th summer

South Wall of Punta Fiorelli

21 June 2011   La 40esima estate (The 40th summer) is the new route opened by  Rossano Libéra and Sabina Bottà on 2009 on the south wall of Punta Fiorelli,  in Masino/Bregaglia group - Central Alps.   Punta Fiorelli, 2391 m is a granite peak dividing  la Valle dell’Oro from Val Merdarola, in the western part of  Masino/Bregaglia.    On the same wall and not far, Waiting list ( 280m, 6b, Corti and Tankis 1994) a nice modern itinerary, on perfect granite rock.    Another possibility is Quattro salti in padella (270m, 6c+ and 2 aid points) by Martinelli, Pavan, Penco and Serralunga - 2001 and on the south wall of  Punta Medaccio some other pleasant modern routes..   Very nice and wild ambience, and beautiful overview on Val di Mello. Punta Fiorelli (2391 mt.) South wall-  LA 40ESIMA ESTATE  –  275m. VIII 7 pitches   Approach: from Bagni di Masino across  Val Merdarola in  2/2.30h, or from Bagni di Masino reach rifugio Omio in Valle dell’Oro and spend the night here  (1.30/2 h). The day after across  the valle dell’Oro, reach  Val Merdarola throught Passo di Medaccio (1/1.30 h)   Descent : rappelling from Waiting List.   Gear : Friends up to 3,5 (camalot), nuts smell and medium   TOPO: SOLO GRANITO
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