Latok III new route for a Russian team.

Odintsov, Dozhdev, Dmitrienko and Lonchinskiy June 25th

28 June 2011   On June 25th  the Russian team of Alexander Odintsov, Ivan Dozhdev, Eugeniy Dmitrienko and  Alexey Lonchinskiy managed the ascent of a new route, the first of the west wall  of Latok III 6,949 m – Karakorum – Pakistan.      The line is approximately the same of the unlucky  2000’s attempt  (team composed by Odintsov, Ruchkin, Koshelenko and  Efimov. Three of them had been more or less seriously injured, Efimov has been evacuated by helicopter. On 2001 during a  more tragic second attempt (Odintsov, Klenov, Ruchkin, Dvy, Khadzhinov, Borikhin), Igor Barikhin died under rockslide.   This year the expedition was a great success: the team arrived in Pakistan on June 10th . Odintsov, Dozhdev, Dmitrienko, Lonchinskiy made acclimatization with the ascent of Latok V, then all topped out  Latok III on June 25th. Soon more details.   Source and photos:   .
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