Maria Khitrikova dies In Fall On Elbrus

The big hope of Ukrainian Mountaineering

05 March 2012    21 years old Maria Khitrikova - of the Soviet Union Champion Vladimir Khitrikov-  died in Fall on Elbrus.   Here the sad report we got from Anna Piunova ( :"Two groups of 11 Ukrainian mountaineers summited Elbrus on March, 2nd. They were caught by a poor weather on their way down. Two of guys dropped behind. Maria Khitrikova, who's guiding one of the group, stopped awaiting for them. The rest of the party successfully descended. Several hours later Maria was able to telephone rescue services to say that they lost their way. Poor weather meant the helicopter could not be sent, however the rescuers set out in search. Next evening the rescue team found out Roman Kutsiy (on 4200m?), one of the two guys Maria left with. He was evacuated to the hospital, he caught an angina after spending cold night and day laying down on a snow flank and eating snow. Details are currently unclear, according to Roman they got untied after third times repeated falls, the terrain was icy, Maria lost one of her crampons. They all were depressed and ready to worse. Her father, famous alpinist Vladimir Khitrikov, arrived late night on March,3. Next afternoon Maria's body was found on approximately 4700m on the left of Pastukhov Cliffs. Rescue of Denis Lisov is under way. She was the big hope of Ukrainian Mountaineering, one of the country's most talented and promising girl. "Wondergirl of high altitude mountaineering": she summited Elbrus at her 12th, first 7000 - at 16, first 8000 - at 21. She was the winner and prize winner of Elbrus Race. She climbed Pik Lenin (7134m), Khan Tengri (6995m), Ama Dablam (6812m), Pik Korzhenevskoy (7105), Gasherbrum I (8035m) and Gasherbrum II (8068m). Source: Anna Piunova  
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