Monte Bianco, Grandes Jorasses

Rolling Stones free for Lindič e Krajnc

05 April 2014 Luka Lindič and Luka Krajnc realized the first free ascent of Rolling Stone, Grandes Jorasses, Mt. Bianco. They reached the top climbing all route on sight also From Petzl wesite, the story by Luka Lindič: "After an entire winter of unstable weather I checked the forecast once again, just in case. Wow, the forecast looked great! I called Luka Krajnc, my partner from Slovenia and we were soon on our way to Chamonix. Our first plan was to climb the Gousseault-Desmaison route on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses. The day before we left we received information that two other parties were planning to climb the same route just before us. Since we are not particularly fond of the "herd effect," where several parties follow each other up the same route, we decided to change our objective and attempt Rolling Stones, an even harder route up the same face that had still yet to be free-climbed.On the first day we made the approach on skis carrying huge packs. We pitched a small tent just below the route and enjoyed evening views of the entire face. Our plan was clear. We would attempt to free climb the whole route. We had no idea if it was possible, but we tend to like the uncertainty of this kind of adventures. The next morning we started climbing what we thought would be only three-day climb. The second pitch already proved extremely steep and we were moving slower than planned. After a full day of climbing we chiseled out a ledge in a small section of ice and prepared for an uncomfortable night."  Full story (source) here
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