New solo routeby Sílvia Vidal

Un pas més (530 m, A4/A4+, 6a) is the new route in Alaska

08 September 2017
Sílvia Vidal opened a new route in solo spening 17 days on the wall: this is how "Un pas més" (530 m, A4 / A4 +, 6a) was born in Xanadu, Alaska.

This summer, between July 5 and 21, Sílvia Vidal, a Catalan mountaineer famous for his solo exits, opened a new route to Xanadu (Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska). The way, "A pas més" is 530 m long with difficulty of a4 / a4 +, 6a.

To be able to stay 17 days on the wall, Sílvia had to spend 36 days to carry 150 kg of materials and supplies needed. It has traveled for a total of 540 km!

It is not the first and certainly will be the last time this great mountaineer will surprise us with his business!


silvia vidal
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