Oh Eun Sun at Annapurna's BC

South Korean leads competition for 14x 8000ers

22 September 2009   On 2009 August 3, South Korean climber Oh Eun Sun became the first woman to climb 13 of the world’s 14 peaks above 8,000 metres.   Until 2009 January she had summited “only” nine 8,000ers, then she announced to be ready to become the first female 14x8000ers summiteer.   In the next months she took Kangchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Nanga Parbat and Gasherbrum I.   Now the 8,091-metre Annapurna, the only one of the 14 mountains she has not climbed, is her next goal. She is expected on those days at the Annapurna’s BC where heavy rains have delayed the works on the route. She plans to climb the mountain on the North face route.   It is likely that the resolute Oh Eun Sun will become the first woman of the planet to complete the 14 x 8000ers.   There are been many  discussions about her style, including fixed ropes, supplementary O2, prepared route, and big supporting teams: in an interview at mounteverest.net she declared “to have only used supplementary O2 on Everest and K2 and don’t even carry a mask during the climbs”.   In any case, this is a peculiar competition where everyone can choose ( or interpret) the ethic rules of his own play…   Oh Eun Sun 8000ers:   1997 1 GASHERBRUM 2 2004 2 EVEREST (with O2)  2006 3 SHISHA PANGMA 2007 4 CHO OYU  2007 5 K2 (with O2) 2008 6 MAKALU  2008 7 LHOTSE  2008 8 BROAD PEAK 2008 9 MANASLU  2009 10 KANGCHENJUNGA 2009 11 DHAULAGIRI 2009 12 NANGA PARBAT 2009 13 GASHERBRUM 1 Source:Up-Climbing ms    
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