Nepal: 4 Italian climbers among the dead

40 still missing in the Himalayas

27 April 2015 The city on one side, mountains on the other. Lives and different realities, united only by the tragedy that it is experiencing in Nepal. Rescuers are doing tremendously hard to make even the minimum work. Too many people to be rescued. Death toll rises inexorably every hour. Among the victims of this apocalypse, who posed a gray veil of death in the history of this country and of the surrounding mountains, there are also four Italian. Renzo Benedetti and Marco Pojer were hit by an avalanche while they were trekking in Rolwaling Valley at about 3500 meters above sea level: Oskar Piazza and Gigliola Mancinelli were located near the village of Langtang when a landslide not let them escape. Renzo and Marco were climbers engaged at the time in a trek. They were in Nepal with two other people, Iolanda Mattevi and Attilio Dantone, survived at the incident. Oskar instead, known climber and member of Mountain Rescue, and Gigliola, a doctor, a great lover of mountains and caving, were with Giovanni Pizzorini and Giuseppe Antonini, also fortunately escaped by the destructive force of nature and its laws. They were all from Trentino while Gigliola came from Marche. From the latest information, it seems that they are still about 40 climbers missing in the Himalayas as well as are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people without news in the cities affected by the earthquake. Expected news in the coming hours.
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