Super - integrale de Peuterey VIDEO

Aymeric Clouet, Jérôme Para & Pierre Labbre

11 April 2011   On 12th February 2011, the French Aymeric Clouet, Jérôme Para and  Pierre Labbre have carried out  the super integrale de Peuterey including a new gully between the Pilier Central du Freney and Pilier Dérobé.   The team started from Courmayeur on February 7th, 29 years later of the incredible winter ascent by  Renato Casarotto and opened also a new route to reach the top of Mont Blanc from the Piliers du Freney.   After spending a day to reach the base of the west face of Aiguille Noire de Peuterey, the French team climbed this wall on the route Vitali-Ratti, then Gervasutti route  on the south-west of the Pic Gugliermina, then the ridge to the Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey and ending with the first ascent  of a  gully between the Pilier Central and Pilier Dérobé.   It 's the first time that the Peuterey Super integral is completed in 6 days in winter. The Integrale de Peutery was first enchained by Renato Casarotto in 15 days, from 1st to15th  February, 1982;  in February 2003, the Patrick Pessi, Stéphane Benoist and Patrice Glairon have done it in  10 days. Here the videoof the French team ascent  by Bruno Peyronnet  Vimeo
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