Tenji Sherpa will attempt the crossing Everest - Lhotse

A year after the death of Ueli Steck

13 April 2018
A year after the tragic death of Ueli Steck, his climbing partner Tenji Sherpa will attempt the crossing Everest - Lhotse.

This is a great undertaking that last year the two climbers had to do together but that did not materialize for the tragic accident that saw the disappearance of Ueli Steck, during the acclimatization phase.

Before making the crossing Everest - Lhotse in fact, the "Swiss Machine" was acclimatising for this incredible project by climbing the nearby Nuptse, but the lifeless body was found near the field 1 of Everest, leaving the world of mountaineering with an unbridgeable gap.

Tenji Sherpa, who had to make the crossing with Ueli, decided to complete the great alpine challenge of both. The goal was to climb Everest from the west ridge, because of the Yugoslavs, up to the summit, then descend down to Colle Sud and then climb the Lhotse from the canal to the left of the normal route. Clearly in alpine style and fast. The unmistakable style of Ueli.

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