A snow avalanche in Argentina destroyed cabin Horcones

In the Aconcagua National Park

22 August 2009   A snow avalanche in Argentina destroyed cabin Horcones and injured three people in the Andean mountains, while other snowfalls blocked an international highway that still remained closed on Thursday (August 20).   The National Guard said that an expanse of snow and ice fell on a remote rangers cabin late on Tuesday night in the Aconcagua National Park in Argentina's western province of Mendoza.  Inside the cabin were six people, who were evacuated, three of who were taken to hospital. None of their injuries were serious. The refuge was victim of an avalanche two days ago.   It was immediately destroyed and, well, it is inhabitable at the moment," said Aconcagua National Park Ranger Chief, Ariel Gilarde. At least four other avalanches were registered in the following days.  The Cristo Redentor mountain pass that links the Argentine city of Mendoza and the Chilean capital Santiago was completely covered in snow on Wednesday. Tractors on the Argentine side of the pass worked around the clock to free-up the highway, but more snowfalls on the Chilean pass on Wednesday night delayed the operation. ms   source
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