Equipo Español de Alpinismo in Wadi Rum

Important repeats and two new routes

08 December 2009         The Equipo Español de Alpinismo of FEDME is just back from a trip in Wadi Rum - Jordan.    In the team Manuel Córdova, Silvestre Barrientos, Martín Elías, Alejandro Corpas, Daniel Crespoand  Mikel Bonilla, with the director Simón Elías and French high mountain guide Christian Ravier.   The Spanish climbers repeated many important ascents of the area: Rock Empire (400m. 8a), 55 Steps to Hell (300m. 7b), Raide me to Camel (400m. 7a), La Guerra Santa (400m. 7b), Diedro Petit (250m. 7c), L´Arche Perdue (300m. 7b+ (7b+ obl.), Los Hijos de Don Quijote (600m, 7b (6c obl.)    They did also the FA of  Alfanova (400m, 6c+, A0) Daniel Crespo, Mikel Bonilla, Alex Corpas and Silvestre Barrientos in Wadi Bach Canyon and of a no-name route of 300m  6c+ by Martín Elías and French guides Ravier and Guillaume.   Source: desnivel.com   ms
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