Greenland three new routes for Favresse team - Up-Climbing

Greenland three new routes for Favresse team

Nico Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Ben Ditto are always looking for virgin walls around the world, where they can climb as usual in clean style
This time they are in  Greenland to explore the granite walls that plunge in the deep fjords of the west coast, in the Upernavik area.
They sailed first to an attractive reddish wall that have christened Red Wall. After an incredible approach to reach the rock, the group formed two parties and climbed in early July two new lines of nearly 400 meters: Nico Favresse and Ben Ditto inaugurated Seagull’s garden, while Olivier Favresse and Sean Villanueva have invented Red chili crackers . 
They had some engine problems of the boat, so the captain of the vessel, before returning to the harbour , landed the team on a wild island. Upon his return ,  the climbers had made another beautiful ascent on an attractive  virgin wall 400 meters: Brown Balls. 
Not known the technical details of the routes, what is clear is that they choose their targets at the moment. Surely they are having fun, as you can understand from their words.
"As usual, the climb never ceases to amaze us here because the adventurous lines of excellent quality. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say that is like climbing the cracks in Yosemite, but with the harvest of vegetables along the road. We like a lot! "
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