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Ice – Valsavaranche (Aosta Valley)

Most of all Valsavarenche’s  icefalls (a wide valley of the Gran Paradiso park housing some of the most attractive lines of the Valle d’Aosta) are well formed and often climbed.
Since the end of November, ice-climbers can found in this area an ice "mecca"and despite the rise of the temperatures in recent days, the flows are still in good condition. Be aware of yesterday and today’s snow fall  and be aware of the danger  of discharge of snow, particularly on routes placed in the gullys.
Check avalanche bulletins. 
In Molére village, the eponymous ice-flow was repeated several times; very well formed  and often climbed the beautiful Trip in the Night in  Dejoz. Nice is also the shorter Fantasma di ghiaccio. 
Near the village of  Tignet is located Chemins des tambures ,that was climbed by several teams. All the classic ice-falls near the village of Rovenaud are well formed (Le placche, Gabarrou Marlier and Mikado which are rarely in so good conditions) Always popular and often climbed the classic Antares.
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