Ski Mountaineering World Championships - Up-Climbing

Ski Mountaineering World Championships

Ski Mountaineering World Championships will take place from 9th to15th February 2013 in Pelvoux, France.
Puy-Saint Vincent is set to be the arena for the Team, Individual (Youth) and Relay races while Pelvoux will host the Senior Individual, Vertical and Sprint races. 
The World Championships kick-off with the Team Race on Sunday 10 February, starting and finishing in Vallouise the race passes Puy-Saint Vincent 1800. The action moves to Pelvoux on Monday morning with the Sprint. Tuesday sees the day dedicated to younger racers with the Individual Race youth event, Wednesday the Individual Senior Race and Thursday the Vertical. The last event takes place on Saturday in Puy-Saint Vincent 2000 with the Relay Race.
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