Monte Rosa new route Barmasse - Up-Climbing

Monte Rosa new route Barmasse

"The North Face Athlete Hervé Barmasse opened a new route on the South-East face of the Monte Rosa, Valle d’Aosta, Italy, with a very special partner, his father Marco, on 30th September 2011.
After the approaching phase and a bivouac at the “bivacco Giordano”, Hervé and his father  Marco started the route from “pianoro Hellermann” at 3,800m and reached the summit of 4,500m in the evening of the same day.The new route demanded a classic alpine climbing style on mixed terrain. They had to climb on loose rocks, with distant traditional protections and were faced with the challenges of the high altitude. Hervé and Marco set the grade of the route at ED (Extremely Difficult).
“It’s a very psychological route. Flat rocks the size of coffee tables were tumbling down the mountain.” stated Hervé Barmasse.
from Thenorthfacejournal