CAMP: Storm - Up-Climbing

CAMP: Storm

The new born of Camp house, Storm model, is definitely the most comfortable and lightest helmet I’ve ever worn!

Tested on long climbing routes and for several mountaineering hikes in which I took him for a whole day, almost forgetting to have him still on his head, the Storm helmet gave me the feeling of not being there at all, undoubtedly his most valuable feature.

The outer shell is in polycarbonate in-mold, while the internal structure is in EPS. The 22 openings provide optimal ventilation, which I greatly appreciated climbing under the sun for several consecutive hours.

Also the fit is excellent: the rear wheel for the head and the two side divider with the clip make its adjustment really fast and practical, making sure that, once fitted, if you stay in position without moving or loosening all the time necessary. Another advantage is the padded under-chin, which does not produce annoying chafing after prolonged use.

The helmet is equipped with 4 rather large front door clips, which with contrasting colors also become a decorative and design motif.

To see it the impression is that of a certain strength and compactness: obviously the cap, matte gray in my case, has brought back some scratches due to rubbing and slight impacts with the rock, but all in all these signs are camouflaged quite well.

Overall, the wearability and lightness are its real strengths.

The Storm helmet by CAMP is suitable for both men and women. Sold in two sizes and with different availability in the choice of colors (gray-red, white-red, blue-green, yellow-gray) also allows a small choice of customization.

Technical data

  • Internal EPS structure and “in-molding” polycarbonate outer shell
  • 22 openings for excellent ventilation
  • Removable inner padding for greater comfort
  • Rear adjustment system with wheel
  • Side dividers with clips for quick adjustment of the fastening straps
  • 4 large lamp-holder clips
  • Available in 4 colors and 2 sizes
  • Complies with EN 12492 standard

Gabriele Poggi