Adam Ondra, back in the USA

Possible an extreme on sight project for the Czech champion

01 November 2018
Return to USA for Adam Ondra, who after the amazing story on the Dawn Wall seems to have another ambitious project in mind: the on sight ascent of Salathè.

Nothing confirmed for now, except that he has already put his hand on the granite of the Magic Valley. Adam Ondra has returned to Yosemite, not without some problems that we will tell you later, and rumors want him with a shivering lens, the Salathè on sight.

This enterprise on El Capitan has an illustrious predecessor, the Japanese champion Yuji Hirayama who in 1997, at the top of his form and preparation, tried this route on sight. The priject failed from a sporting point of view, Yuji in fact fell three times, but indelibly marked the already crazy career of this extraordinary athlete as something superlative.

Adam as said, arrived in the States and as a surprise he found the baggage that took another plane for not knowing where. Clean linen and equipment goodbye, at least for a while. Fortunately, harness and climbing shoes were loaded in carry-on baggage and Mr. Ondra immediately regained confidence with granite made in the USA.

Confident already, because trying to read Book of Hate, a trivial 8b that usually eat breakfast when he gets up with little appetite, he found himself hanging on the harness and closed the route to the next attempt. Today, therefore, eyes pointed to the west anyway, waiting for what will happen. Actually, it still seems to have no stated goals but something suggests that on the contrary has good head on what to aim for.

La Salathè. Great route, one of the most significant in the valley. This had been climbed by Tom Frost, Chuck Pratt and Royal Robbins in 1961 and were Todd Skinner and Paul Piana solved it for the first time in free in 1988.

Certainly worked, on sight is a whole other matter, but Adam can this is much more. If they bring the suitcases back.

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