August "on fire" for Siebe Vanhee, climbs Silbergeier and Yeah Man!

Belgian climber strong on the Alps

03 September 2019
A double masterstroke for Siebe Vanhee, who engaged in some very difficult multipitches in the Alps, climbeing two must like Silbergeier and Yeah Man!

Weeks “on fire” for the Belgian Siebe Vanhee on the beautiful Alps where did a couple of master climbs, putting their name on the repeater list of two important multipitches. In fact, by mid-month, Siebe had been the third climber at the magnificent and challenging climb Yeah Man! (330m, 8b + max) in the Gastlosen, Switzerland. The first free in a day ascent had been done by Giovanni Quirici in 2010 but shortly before Siebe, even Cedric Lachat had succeeded in the enterprise signed the second ascent during his project Swissway to Heaven.

A few days later, Vanhee went to Rätikon to compete with another pearl, the legendary Silbergeier (240m, 8b + max), opened and freed by Beat Kammerlander in the mid-1990s and since then climbed by some of the strongest specialists.

Siebe's passion for climbing begins at the age of ten but already at eleven takes part in the first competitions. In short he enters the nourished and deadly Belgian Youth National taking part successfully in international competitions but between 14 and 18 years he gets closer and closer to the rock and under the guidance of Jorn Van Roy arrives to climb the first 8b + and 8c on sport climbing . After school at age 18, he tries to continue his studies but without success; the woodworm of climbing has now taken over and Siebe wants to become a full-time climber dedicating himself to travel and exploration. He leaves for Canada and the USA where he stays a couple of months but on his return to Belgium he takes the decision to leave for a year. Since then Vanhee has been a true globetrotte that has climbed in various parts of the world, from north to south America, from Madagascar to Patagonia and all over the beloved Alps, signing many first ascents and level repetitions.


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