Sardinia: Aleksandra Taistra climbs Hotel Supramonte (8b max, 400m)

The versatile and multi-purpose Polish Gole of Gorropu

14 October 2019
Aleksandra Taistra has climbed the famous Hotel Supramonte (8b max, 400m), a magnificent route among the most famous of our country in the beautiful Gola di Gorropu, in Sardinia.

The very strong Polish climber Aleksandra "Ola" Taistra repeated the magnificent Hotel Supramonte (8b max, 400m), superb via in Sardinia, in the Gola di Gorropu, characterized by an airy and superb climb.

The route is a pearl of difficulty and beauty, opened by Rolando Larcher and Roberto Vigiani in 1998 and then freed by Pietro Dal Prà in 2000.

Over the years, Hotel has already seen other female ascents. The first was the former Slovenian ace garista Martina Cufar who climbed it in 2004, followed by her colleagues Nina Caprez in 2010 and Barbara Zangerl in 2011.

In 2008, Adam Ondra signed the visible ascent of the street, a company magically touched in 2016 also by Silvio Reffo who climbed all the pitches except one only (read our interview).

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